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Bosque Peak Hike
In Manzano Mountains East Region

Hike Id H10148
Last Update 2018-05-22 22:02:58.0
Hike Class D
Hike Miles 4.8
Minimum Elevation 8047
Elevation Gain 1497
Total Uphill 1501
Total Downhill 1501
Avg Grade 11 %
Route Type InOut
Drive Miles Round Trip 120
Drive Time Oneway 1:30
Hiking Seasons Sprg, Smmr, Fall
Hike Rating (3.3 by 3 hikers)
New Mexico Game Unit 14
All On Trail Yes
GPS Recommended Yes

Highlights A cave, log ruin, cemetery, and plane wreck! Beautiful yellow & red leaves in the fall.

Cautions Hiking poles recommended for the downhill return.

Trailhead Directions I-40 east to Tijeras exit 175. South on 337 (14) to its end (mile 0). West on SR 55 to Tajique. In Tajique, after Ray's Gas Station (on right) is a cemetery. Turn right at end of cemetery onto Fourth of July Rd (FR 55). Take FR 55 about 7 miles to 4th of July CG turnoff and continue south (road becomes primitive) for about 2.3 mi. to trailhead for Trail 174. There are two places to park. Go past the first one and PARK (0.0 mi) at the second one because it has toilets and picnic tables.

Actual Hike Bosque Peak Trail (174) rises steadily for first mile. After Manzano Mountains Wilderness sign the trail is rocky, then becomes rock stairs. You will pass a huge fir tree on the left side of trail, then the trail is rerouted on a sharp switchback to the right at TRAIL JNCT (1.3 mi). Do not follow this switchback; instead go straight ahead on original Bosque Peak Trail toward a pine tree. The path TO CAVE (1.4 mi) is on the right soon afterwards. Go straight up the hill towards the rocks sticking up from the healthy growth of oak (which, if you're lucky, someone has trimmed recently). The cave has remarkable architectural features (squarish opening with keystone, spoon-shaped depression in back wall). Bring a flashlight and you can walk into the cave quite a distance. You may see a bat! Return to original Bosque Peak Trail and continue up canyon through low oak then huge aspen. Reach an open meadow area and see "stone arrow" on ground. Follow arrow south on a faint trail that goes up to top of ridge and then goes west to intersect with Crest Trail 174. While well into the aspen grove, locate the group of 6-8 lone pines. From there proceed south and a bit east (toward sun). Fan out a little to have everyone looking. You can find a LOG RUIN (2.1 mi). The GRAVES (2.3 mi) are located to the west of that (see map for location). The cemetery is for about five persons with headstones in wood and marble. South and a little to the west of the cemetery you can find the PLANE WRECK (2.5 mi) of a B-17 that crashed here in the '40s. Return the way you came.

Comments The prominent peaks you see from the crest looking north are Guadalupe Peak (left) and Mosca Peak (right). Mosca Peak straddles the Isleta/Manzano Wilderness boundary. This can be a beautiful hike in the fall.

See Rea Homestead to find out about the family that homesteaded up here (thanks to Ken Smith).

Map created by TOPO!® ©2011 National Geographic

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PARK: N34 46.292, W106 23.538
TRAIL JNCT: N34 46.247, W106 24.631
TO CAVE: N34 46.244, W106 24.764
LOG RUIN: N34 46.102, W106 25.321
GRAVES: N34 46.088, W106 25.415
PLANE WRECK: N34 45.945, W106 25.458

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Map Author Marilyn Warrant
Waypoints Author Marilyn Warrant
Track Author John Boyd
Maintainer John Cooper