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Golden Open Space - Mesa Loop Trail Hike
In Golden Region

Hike Id H10450
Last Update 2018-05-22 22:03:07.0
Hike Class A
Hike Miles 3.1
Minimum Elevation 6249
Elevation Gain 144
Total Uphill 165
Total Downhill 165
Avg Grade 3 %
Route Type CCW Loop
Drive Miles Round Trip 70
Drive Time Oneway 1:15
Hiking Seasons Sprg, Smmr, Fall, Wntr
Hike Rating (Hike not rated)
New Mexico Game Unit 8
All On Trail Yes

Highlights Views from mesa to the east of the Sandias and down into the arroyos below.

Trailhead Directions From Albuquerque, take I-40 to North 14. In Cedar Crest just after the school on the left, turn left onto LA MADERA Road (the road to East Mountain High School). Stay on the windy but paved road until it turns to dirt at a cattleguard in less than 8 miles. It is about a mile from this point to PARK (0.0 mi). Even though the road has curves, most of it is paved.

If there are any concerns about the last part of the access road, park at ALT-PARK and walk about 0.7 mi to PARK (or go under the fence).

For additional information on getting to the trailhead, click here.

Actual Hike Hike south then southwest on the bike trail to the HIGH (0.6 mi) point of this hike. The bike trail then goes east following the cliff. LEAVE (1.4 mi) the trail as it goes north so you can continue along the cliffs for more views. REJOIN (2.5 mi) the bike trail and continue back to parking.

Comments The hike is off-trail for about one mile. Like Las Huertas in Placitas, this hike is on part of the City of Albuquerque's Open Space Program, the Golden Open Space. This is a good hike to do in hot weather when the forests are closed.

This hike used to be called Golden Open Space Bike Trail.

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LA MADERA: N35 10.421, W106 20.225

ALT-PARK: N35 15.870, W106 20.137

PARK: N35 16.289, W106 19.698
HIGH: N35 15.907, W106 19.841
LEAVE: N35 15.980, W106 19.341
REJOIN: N35 16.077, W106 19.319

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