Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups (ASCHG)

Oso Ridge - Embudito Loop Hike
In Sandia Mountain West Region

Hike Id H10470
Last Update 2020-08-24 12:31:29.0
Hike Class D
Hike Miles 4.4
Minimum Elevation 6250
Elevation Gain 1503
Total Uphill 1585
Total Downhill 1585
Avg Grade 14 %
Route Type CW Loop
Drive Miles Round Trip 20
Drive Time Oneway 0:15
Hiking Seasons Sprg, Fall
Hike Rating (Hike not rated)
New Mexico Game Unit 8
All Paved/Gravel Roads Yes
GPS Recommended Yes
Hiker Limit 10

Highlights Views that make all the exertion worthwhile.

Cautions There is a lot of steep rocky uphill (20% grade) in the first two miles. Hiking poles recommended.

Trailhead Directions Go East on Montgomery almost all the way to the top. Turn left on Glenwood Drive. Drive until you see a brown sign (sign is on the right side of road). Take Trailhead street to Embudito parking lot.

Actual Hike Start walking from (PARK) up (north) on the bike path for a short distance. Turn right (east) at (TURN1-E) (0.1 mi), then continue up the Oso Ridge. Stop for a short snack (BREAK) (1.3 mi). Continue a short distance and take the left (northern-most) option at the fork (FORK-N) (1.4 mi). Follow this trail until we reach (TURN2-SW) (1.9 mi), and turn right (southwest). This short trail takes us to another trail going generally north/south. Turn left (southeast) at (TURN3-SE) (2.0), then go another short distance to WASH1 (2.1 mi). Follow the wash down (south) until (WASH2) (2.4 mi). We'll have our lunch here (this spot is on the regular Embudito Trail going east/west). Follow this trail west back to the van.

Comments There is a lot of steep rocky uphill (20% avg. grade) in the first two miles. Plan on stopping often to keep everyone together. The views at some points are worth all the hard work. The hike is less than 5 mi, but everyone will have a wonderful workout.

Map created by TOPO!® ©2011 National Geographic

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PARK-EMBUDITO: N35 08.167, W106 28.917
TURN1-E: N35 08.200, W106 28.850
BREAK: N35 08.294, W106 27.810
FORK-N: N35 08.283, W106 27.750
TURN2-SW: N35 08.283, W106 27.333
TURN3-SE: N35 08.267, W106 27.367
WASH1: N35 08.243, W106 27.342
WASH2: N35 08.032, W106 27.469

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GPX:WayTrack, 29Nov11, Garmin, Dennis Vick

Map Author Marilyn Warrant
Waypoints Author Dennis Vick
Track Author Dennis Vick
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