Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups (ASCHG)

Belen Bosque South Hike
In Los Lunas Region

Hike Id H10476
Last Update 2018-05-22 22:03:24.0
Hike Class A
Hike Miles 3.9
Minimum Elevation 4793
Elevation Gain 10
Total Uphill 10
Total Downhill 10
Route Type InOut
Drive Miles Round Trip 84
Drive Time Oneway 0:50
Hiking Seasons Sprg, Fall, Wntr
Hike Rating (3.5 by 2 hikers)
New Mexico Game Unit 14
All On Trail Yes
All Paved/Gravel Roads Yes

Highlights This hike along the Bosque represents what might have been in Albuquerque 50 years ago before restoration started.

Trailhead Directions South on I-25 to exit 195 (Belen North). Follow Business I-25 going east that curves around to the south. At 4.5 mi make a left turn (East) onto state 309 (Reinken Ave). Cross the railroad tracks. At 2.2 miles east on Reinken, turn left (North) at East side of west drain just before the river. Go downhill to circle parking area centered on power pole and park. (The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District recommends that we park in the area just East of the driveway on the North side of the road and cross over the highway instead of parking on the South side of the road to avoid being blocked in by fishermen.)

Actual Hike Cross the 4-lane road. Proceed down the East side of levee along the river drain. At about 1.5 mi we approach the BNSF railroad tracks. The drain and hike track angles SE to the River (RIVER1 (1.6 mi)) and turnaround (TRNARND (1.7 mi)). Return North past double jetty jacks (see interesting paper on jetty jacks here) and turn on road to East into Bosque. This area has experienced a fire and is being cleared and replanted. Follow the main road around to the north. A side trip to the River (RIVER2 (2.7 mi)) is possible going through the cleared brush, though footing on down brush is not easy. Turn back toward the levee at FORK LEFT (2.9 mi), then back North to the van.

Comments This Bosque represents what might have been in Albuquerque 50 years ago before restoration started. There are fields, livestock, etc. across the drain to the west. The River is somewhat different at Belen; there is much less city noise and interesting rail traffic at the South end of the hike. There is significant new planting in area of burn, but just starting.
All the land from the drain to the river is the responsibility of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District. We have their permission to hike this area. Stay on the East side of the drain!!
A phone call to the Belen Schools Maintenance Dept. at 966-1700 can request access to the restrooms at what was the Willie Chavez park. They will need to know the hours the hikers will be in the area to provide restroom access. The Harvey House Museum can also be added to this hike. It opens at 12:30 PM.

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PARK: N34 39.184, W106 44.439
RIVER1: N34 37.902, W106 44.878
TRNARND: N34 37.962, W106 44.825
RIVER2: N34 38.403, W106 44.362
FORK LEFT: N34 38.533, W106 44.451

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Waypoints Author Bill Hansen
Track Author Bill Hansen
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