Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups (ASCHG)

Pueblo Lateral South to Los Ranchos Hike
In Albuquerque Region

Hike Id H10519
Last Update 2018-05-22 22:02:52.0
Hike Class A
Hike Miles 4.1
Minimum Elevation 4980
Elevation Gain 20
Total Uphill 20
Total Downhill 20
Route Type InOut
Drive Miles Round Trip 26
Drive Time Oneway 0:25
Hiking Seasons Sprg, Smmr, Fall, Wntr
Hike Rating (5.0 by 2 hikers)
New Mexico Game Unit 9
All On Trail Yes
All Paved/Gravel Roads Yes

Highlights This is a great year-round hike in the trees most of the way. Sights to see include interesting contents of back yards and local wildlife.

Trailhead Directions I-25 to Alameda exit, go west to Rio Grande Blvd. then south and park at trailhead parking area 50 yards past Paseo del Norte on the west side.

Actual Hike From PARK (0.0), hike east a short distance then go south on Rio Grande Blvd. Turn LEFT (0.1 mi) to walk east along the Albuquerque Main Canal, then turn RIGHT (0.25 mi) to go south along the canal, which becomes the Pueblo Lateral. At TEEPEE (0.5 mi), note the teepee and totem pole in a back yard to the east. Continue hiking south to TURNAROUND (2.05 mi). At this point you can continue hiking if desired by going to the other side of the ditch. Return the way you came back to PARK or continue north from waypoint RIGHT to extend the hike.

Comments This is a great year-round hike in the trees most of the way. Sights to see include peacocks, llamas, ducks, large cottonwood trees, old vehicles, a large private pond with a falls, and a boat house. Depending on the time of year you may also see lizards, hawks, or herons.

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PARK: N35 10.934, W106 38.646
LEFT: N35 10.859, W106 38.619
RIGHT: N35 10.829, W106 38.481
TEEPEE: N35 10.653, W106 38.558
TURNAROUND: N35 09.599, W106 39.025

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GPX:WayTrack, 18Jul13, Garmin, Frank Ernst

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Text Author Frank Ernst
Map Author Marilyn Warrant
Waypoints Author Frank Ernst
Track Author Frank Ernst
Maintainer Frank Ernst