Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups (ASCHG)

Oat - Hay Canyons To Bottom Short Hike
In Jemez Mountains Region

Hike Id H10557
Last Update 2018-05-22 22:03:09.0
Hike Class C
Hike Miles 5.3
Minimum Elevation 7065
Elevation Gain 724
Total Uphill 895
Total Downhill 895
Avg Grade 9 %
Route Type CCW Loop
Drive Miles Round Trip 160
Drive Time Oneway 1:50
Hiking Seasons Sprg, Smmr, Fall
Hike Rating (4.3 by 4 hikers)
New Mexico Game Unit 6A
GPS Recommended Yes

Highlights Pleasant hike up the valley, then up Oat Canyon and over a ridge and into Hay for a descent down Hay covered with wildflowers in the spring, to a sensational viewpoint, then down to the valley below.

Cautions Use of hiking poles is recommended for the descent to the bottom.

Trailhead Directions From Albuquerque go north on I-25 to exit 242 (Bernalillo), west on US 550 to San Ysidro. North on SR 4 to La Cueva. Take SR 126 west about 9 mi. to Fenton Lake, keep going north 4 mi. until you come to the marked road to the Fish Hatchery on the right. Take this dirt road past the hatchery. At this point you may encounter a closed gate. Park here if the gate is closed. Otherwise continue past the gate for about one mile to a fence and corral and PARK (0.0 mi)

Actual Hike From parking go through the gate and follow the two track up the valley to TO OAT (0.4 mi). Turn right and go across the stream and go uphill toward the notch. Continue up the side canyon to HAY SHORTCUT (2.1 mi). Turn left and follow the track up and over the ridge and down into HAY (2.6 mi) Canyon. Turn left and hike down this pleasant pine lined valley which follows a broad ledge to the VIEWPOINT (3.6 mi). A great view and a good place for lunch. Then return to TO BOTTOM (3.8 mi), turn right at the large rock, and go downhill into a narrow notch. Look for the animal trail on the right side of this small canyon and proceed down to the floor of the main canyon. Go through a metal gate and CROSS (4.3 mi) the stream. Follow the two track down the valley to parking.

Comments This hike avoids the old "Animal Trail To Hell" descent. Check with the Jemez Ranger Station to verify that the gate near the Fish Hatchery is open.

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PARK: N 35 56.134, W 106 41.008
TO OAT: N 35 56.283, W 106 40.648
HAY SHORTCUT: N 35 56.775, W 106 39.074
HAY: N 35 57.027, W 106 39.372
VIEWPOINT: N 35 56.820, W 106 40.219
TO BOTTOM: N 35 56.795, W 106 39.920
CROSS: N 35 56.701, W 106 40.336

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