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Villanueva St Park Viewpoint Loop Hike
In Villanueva Region

Hike Id H10558
Last Update 2019-05-28 21:28:09.0
Hike Class B
Hike Miles 2.2
Minimum Elevation 5726
Elevation Gain 453
Total Uphill 599
Total Downhill 599
Avg Grade 11 %
Route Type CCW Loop
Drive Miles Round Trip 212
Drive Time Oneway 2:00
Hiking Seasons Sprg, Smmr, Fall, Wntr
Hike Rating (Hike not rated)
New Mexico Game Unit 43
All On Trail Yes
All Paved/Gravel Roads Yes
GPS Recommended Yes

Highlights There are great views of the Pecos Valley and River. Informative visitor center.

Cautions This hike has enough up and down hill-climbing on various surfaces to recommend hiking poles.

Trailhead Directions I-25 North past Santa Fe, Glorieta and Pecos to Exit 323 (Hwy 3). Proceed south about 12 miles to Villanueva, where you will follow the obvious signs to the State Park and campground.

For an interesting alternative for the route back (taking the same amount of time and traveling the same distance) follow Hwy 3 south to I-40, Exit 230. Turn right on I-40 and head for Clines Corners and Albuquerque.

Actual Hike At PARK (0.0 mi) go across the foot bridge and turn right. Proceed on an easy trail for about a half mile where you will see a rock corral and wheat thrashing structure to your right. The next third of a mile is a steep climb (the toughest part of the hike), eventually reaching UP OVRLK (0.8). Then continue a bit more uphill to the PIC TBL (1.0 mi) for great views and lunch. After lunch backtrack to UP OVRLK, turn right and follow the well-traveled trail to VIEW (1.2 mi), where one can enjoy surveying the entire Pecos River valley and the immediate campground area. Continue around the loop of trail to SWALLOW NESTS (2.0 mi) where you will be nearly back to the footbridge and PARK.

Comments On the way home, enjoy the old church and general store in the old, charming town of Villanueva shortly after heading south on NM3.

For those geography enthusiasts with a compass: Doesn't the Pecos River run from the Northern New Mexico Sangre de Cristo Mtns all the way south to Texas? In other words, from North to South? Isn't that right? Then why do you see the same Pecos River flowing in the opposite direction here?

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PARK: N35 15.881, W105 20.042
UP OVRLK: N35 15.623, W105 20.236
PIC TBL: N35 15.564, W105 20.256
VIEW: N35 15.738, W105 20.025
SWALLOW NESTS: N35 15.957, W105 19.998

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