Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups (ASCHG)

Battleship Rock to Jemez Falls Round-Trip Hike
In Jemez Mountains Region

Hike Id H10678
Last Update 2019-05-28 21:06:15.0
Hike Class D
Hike Miles 7.9
Minimum Elevation 6800
Elevation Gain 1180
Total Uphill 1990
Total Downhill 1990
Avg Grade 12 %
Route Type InOut
Hike Rating (Hike not rated)
New Mexico Game Unit 6A

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SPRING: N35 49.335, W106 37.645 (1.6 mi)
POOLS: N35 49.313, W106 37.644 (1.7 mi)
OVRLKTRL: N35 49.166, W106 36.786 (2.8 mi)
CMPGRNDTRL: N35 49.101, W106 36.707 (3.0 mi)
TRL137: N35 48.984, W106 36.409 (3.3 mi)
JEMEZFALLS: N35 48.762, W106 36.442 (3.6 mi)

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GPX:WayTrack, 21Nov18, Garmin, Howard Carr

Text Author Jacqueline Bryant
Map Author Marilyn Warrant
Waypoints Author Howard Carr
Track Author Howard Carr
Maintainer Unassigned (contact Administrator)