Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups

Meseta De Ricardo, 10Apr10


02 Apr 15 - Email is up  Our email system is running again.  Our email provider changed the encryption level which required us to move to a higher level of Java.  Then we had to get our hosting service to provide that level on our sever.  Couputers are so much fun!

31 Mar 15 - Our Email System Is Down  Our email system is down so no email is being sent out (like hike notices, hike reports, etc.).  Hopefully, it will be repaired soon.

23 Feb 15 (UD 08 Mar 15) - New Hike Notice  The hike notice has been reformatted.  Making it easier for you to decide if you want to go on the hike was the major objective.  New things were added and other old things were deleted.  Some of the additions are Highlights, Cautions and Pictures which are only displayed if they are available.  A couple of the deletions are Actual Hike and Comments.  Hopefully, you will find these changes helpful.

17 Dec 14 - 2015 Snow Activities On Website  The 2015 snow activities for the Palo Duro Sports & Fitness Center are on the website.  Mouse over Snow Info and click on Activities.

19 Nov 14 - Adding 2015H1  We are in the process of adding the hike schedule for the first half of 2015.  Should be done in another week or so.  Three of the centers are already in the schedule.


Hiking is such a wonderful activity! You see plants, rock formations, wildlife, and a variety of landscapes.  Plus all of it is in the great outdoors and with interesting fellow hikers.  If you are an Albuquerque senior, we want you to come hike with us!  We do day hikes four to six times a week and our hikes vary in length and difficulty.  There's something for everybody so come on out.

This web site is provided for hikers from the City of Albuquerque's Senior Centers and is a consolidation of information from the various hiking groups.

Participation (Want To Join?)

You must to be in good general physical health and able to hike three or four miles.

You must be a member of a Senior Center and can join at one of several locations.  To be a member, you must be 50+ years old and pay the $13 annual membership fee.

Van transportation is provided to/from the trailhead.  You can drive yourself but see Transportation in General Hike Information.  If you take the van, your cost is five cents per mile round trip.  Cost range from $1 to $10 or more depending on the location of the hike.  Van driver and hike leader are not charged.

You must be a responsible hiker.

Already a Senior Center member?  Mouse over the Hikers menu item then click the Join ASCHG submenu item


Not a Senior Center member?  Go join one of the Senior Centers and then join ASCHG as a member.  Be sure to check the Hike schedules and come on a hike with us.


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